Sharing your travel, shopping, excursion and hotel experiences is easy at Travelers Dominion!

This short video explains how.

Simply create an account with us.  You can use your favorite social media if you like.

  1. Go to the Review section.
  2. Choose the section you want to review something for.
  3. Cruises, Hotels, Shopping, Excursions, or entire Ports of Call.
  4. Click Add a Listing.
  5. Submit your listing.
  6. Done!


Account Creation:

Q: Can I use my Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google accounts to create one automatically at Travelers Dominion?
A: Yes!  Just select your choice of social media services at the bottom of the Create an Account page, the rest is easy!

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Simple, we don't sell or share any of your private information with anybody.

Review Creation:

Q: What is the difference between a Listing and a Review?
A: A Listing is the first review about any ship, excursion, shop, hotel, etc.  A Review is simply what everybody afterward puts after the first Listing.  If you don't see a review for something, you just pick Add a new Listing.

Q: Do I have to have an account to review something?
A: Yes.

Q: Why?
A: Because. (Seriously, if we don't hold the line someplace there would be random advertisers and others spamming our forums and reviews.)

Q: Do I have to fill everything in?
A: Only items with a red asterix.  If have nothing to say, just tell us that.

Q: Can I ad pictures or video?
A: Yes, after you submit a listing or review, you can go back and add images and video.

Q: What is the difference between Shopping and Excursions and the Ports of Call section?
A: You can review individual shops, individual Excursions (Tours, activities like zip-lines, etc) or you can review an entire Port of Call as one.  For example, you might love (or hate) one shop and want to review it.  You might have enjoyed a single excursion but did not do anything else at a port, so you can review it alone.  Or you may just remember the overall time you had at a port of call and want to talk about it generally.

Need help?  Post a question in our forum or email NathanWLB @