Sin City Freezes Over: Snow on the Strip!

The infernal regions did not freeze over but snow did accumulate on the Las Vegas strip! 

One Instagram users video looking out from the Cosmopolitan.

Believe it or not, this actually happens albeit rarely.  There have only been a dozen or so incidents of snow accumulating in Las Vegas proper during the past fifty years, the most being three inches in 2008. 


Man Dies at LINQ High Roller Farris Wheel.


High Roller

The High Roller.

A man fell 50 feet down a flight of stairs after intentionally entering an unauthorized area at The High Roller in Las Vegas today.  The man, aged 23 years would die of his injuries at the University Medical Center later.  The High Roller remains open.  Opened in 2014, The High Roller remains the tallest farris wheel on earth.

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Bally's Las Vegas Reviewed

Bally's Vegas

Recently Travelers Dominion ventured to Sin City for the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest.  Geekery of the reason aside, it presented the chance to stay at Bally's Las Vegas. 

Opening in 1973 to the sounds of Dean Martin as the MGM Grand the hotel was a landmark many credit with marking the start of the mega-resorts which now dominate the Las Vegas strip.  Overcoming the to the tragedy of the 1980 fire which killed 87 guests to reopen only eight months later with an additional tower, the property is now owned by Caesars and run as an integrated operation to its sister resort Paris Las Vegas.  Not the newest hotel on the strip, Bally's still has teeth as an attractive option for those looking for a prime location and great value.

The Hotel Confidant presents our REVIEW of the famous anchor of the Las Vegas strip.  

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