Sovereign of the Seas 1999 - My Cabin (Royal Caribbean Fan)

Someplace in Royal Caribbean's marketing department, there is a person reading this and developing a facial tick.  While in the context of the decade in which is she was built, Sovereign's cabins were not “AS” small as they may be seen as today.  They are, nevertheless, not big by any means.  In truth, cabins used to be smaller than that which I had on this cruise.  Likewise, I subscribe the line of thought, which says spending time in the cabin is equal to wasting it.  As I was traveling alone, I happily booked the cheapest interior cabin I could find, and thought nothing of it.  Finally, it must be noted, the cabins on Sovereign and her sister ships have been almost entirely rebuilt in the years since I was last aboard her.

Sovereign of the Seas 1999 - The Centrum (Royal Caribbean Fan)

When I first entered the ship on deck 4, I first bore witness to the Sovereign's Centrum.  Sovereign of the Seas was the first cruise ship to feature a large, multi-deck, open atrium/lobby.  It is a feature now considered standard in the industry.  However, at the time of its building, it was unheard of.  It is the central hub of traffic on the ship.  This was only one of the many reasons Sovereign of the Seas would become the historic vessel it is.

Vision of the Seas.

Throw-back-Thursday.  This entry from the Royal Caribbean Blog was first posted in June of '08.  A young 

Skylar was the teen moderator, and keeper of his own web project. To begin this review, there is one thing that all of you must know. I am only 13 years old. I may not be an adult, but i can tell you how fun my cruise was from my point of view. What was a cruise ship? I wondered what it was when my parents told me we were going to Mexico on a cruise ship. At the time, it didn't seem really exiting to me, but more than a year would pass and i would soon find out. When the time came to leave from our hometown in Woodland to head to Los Angeles California, the thought of going on this cruise seemed to get better. We drove for 6 hours before we reached L.A. We booked a hotel that was a block away from the port. I remember drive to the port a day earlier and seeing to Celebrity ships depart, it was so cool. The next day we packed and headed toward the port. Our ship lay next to another ship, this ship was Norwegian cruise lines Norwegian Star. And as we drove closer I saw the name Vision of the Seas displayed on the side. We boarded the ship about 5 hours before we had to depart for our 7 day Mexican round trip. We had to do a little life boat drill before we could leave. We departed at about 5:00 PM. We were at seas all of the next day, this gave me time to explore the ship. There was a Centrum, theater, inside and outside pool, a rock wall, dance clubs, and a cool round window lounge at the top of the ship called a viking crown lounge. Not to mention all of he other cool things. The ports weren't so great. I didn't get to go to Cabo San Lucas because my parents went alone. In Mazetlan, we went to a beach and everybody tried o keep selling us things, not fun. But in Puerto Vallarta, we got to go Horse back riding in the forest, that was very enjoyable. We had a whole day coming back to our port before we had to depart the ship. I think i liked the cruise ship more than the ports. Departing was fairly easy, they checked our cards and we got our suitcases and we were gone. Well theirs not much more i have to say. You really have to go for yourself to get a real feeling of what its like. My parents want to go on an Alaskan cruise on either Radiance or Serenade of the Seas.

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