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Royal Caribbean Fan blog - Throwback Thursday

June 9th, 2008

The Grandeur of the Seas spotted a capsized vessel while operating off the east coast Friday morning.  The man, whose private boat had overturned two days prior, was not seen by the crew at the distance they were to the boat. However, they reported the sighting immediately to the U.S. Coast Guard, which dispatched a C-130 airplane, which located the man. A Coast Guard helicopter later lifted the man from the water, and he is expected to suffer no lasting consequences.

Sovereign of the Seas 1999 - My Cabin (Royal Caribbean Fan)

Someplace in Royal Caribbean's marketing department, there is a person reading this and developing a facial tick.  While in the context of the decade in which is she was built, Sovereign's cabins were not “AS” small as they may be seen as today.  They are, nevertheless, not big by any means.  In truth, cabins used to be smaller than that which I had on this cruise.  Likewise, I subscribe the line of thought, which says spending time in the cabin is equal to wasting it.  As I was traveling alone, I happily booked the cheapest interior cabin I could find, and thought nothing of it.  Finally, it must be noted, the cabins on Sovereign and her sister ships have been almost entirely rebuilt in the years since I was last aboard her.

Sovereign of the Seas 1999 - The Centrum (Royal Caribbean Fan)

When I first entered the ship on deck 4, I first bore witness to the Sovereign's Centrum.  Sovereign of the Seas was the first cruise ship to feature a large, multi-deck, open atrium/lobby.  It is a feature now considered standard in the industry.  However, at the time of its building, it was unheard of.  It is the central hub of traffic on the ship.  This was only one of the many reasons Sovereign of the Seas would become the historic vessel it is.

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