Independence of the Seas off the west coast of Cuba.

I spend as much time on deck as I can.  Night or day the sound of the water or the views from the ship would be enough to entertain me even if there weren’t so many other things to do.  I consider myself very luck on days when the ship is not alone at sea.  During the course of a day you eat lunch with the familiar shapes of ships you were in port with or passing by on their way to the places you have been.  There is an almost fraternal feeling you get seeing other cruise ships, sometimes even the mundane freighters plowing through the water.


Off the coast of Cozumel Mexico

In this case I had the good fortune to not only spot a ship but one which I had cruise on prior to January’s cruise on Oasis of the Seas.  On it’s way north along the west coast of Cuba, the Oasis of the Seas encountered her Freedom class fleetmate Independence of the Seas.  Better still, Independence of the Seas was southbound and I was able to capture her on video as she passed by.  Enjoy the sounds of the cruise and the beauty of the graceful giant.

MSC Divina


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