Sovereign of the Seas 1999 - However, I digress (Royal Caribbean Fan)

After embarking on Deck 4, I walked through the hallways leading to my cabin. This is the main staircase area and elevator bay. The crew members are not supposed to use the elevators, but you can catch one or two now and then. Sometimes it seemed like the elevators were next to useless, since they seemed to take so long to arrive.

The hallways are not exactly wide, but easy to navigate.

While not large, the cabins are fine for a short cruise such as the one I took. The cabins are made up twice a day. When you leave for the start of the day, your cabin steward makes up the beds, changes the liens, and tidies your things. When you leave for dinner, they then make up the beds for the night, so the next thing you know, they are ready for bed. The mark of a good cabin steward is said to be if you never notice him. I seem to have had a good one by that standard!  The bathrooms are compact but very functional. I'd have taken better photos, but then I couldn't get into any angle to photograph it all!

The desk, closet, and phone. I didn't touch any of the drinks, although I did take a bottle of water as I left the cabin. Evidently they either didn't notice or don't seem to be able to charge you for that! The closet space is a bit small for much more than a four day cruise. The lack of electrical outlets was a bit frustrating. But on the whole, I was more than comfortable in my cabin.

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