An Introduction to Cruising on Royal Caribbean.

If you are visiting this page, you are curious about cruise vacations, or my spin on what it is like to travel with RCI.  Don't take this as my final word. If you are new to this site I will warn you that it remains a work in progress. But good things come to those who wait. And so it is here.

But suffice to say this, until I can complete this section. Travel on RCI is a wonderful thing. If you haven't cruised before, realize that each line has its own style and such. This is true of RCI. Where a more festive cruise line is known for garish decor and fun, RCI aims for a look that is easy on the eyes, mind, and body.

If you hear the term mass market used to describe RCI, realize also, that the term doesn't mean what it might have ten years ago. The mass market now defines the cruise industry. The age of trans­atlantic ocean

liners, and 10,000 GRT cruise ships carrying a few hundred people is over.

The modern cruise industry began to truly emerge with the addition of Sovereign of the Seas in 1988. At least, the direction that has lead to ever larger ships began then. At the time, even the industries leaders did not know what would be the norms 12 years later.

RCI ships are generally considered the best designed in the industry. They are a pleasure to see and travel on. The line doesn't try to beat you over the head with neon and garish/tacky decor. The ships look good, and don't have to hide under layers of distraction.

If you have watched much TV at all, you know that RCI ships feature rock climbing walls and many other amazing things. In the 1980s when a certain red­headed woman flew down a waterslide and sang an annoying ditty, people considered that very act the cutting edge of cruise ship design. Some might make the mistake of thinking every cruise line features what you will find on many RCI ships. This is not the case.

Rock climbing walls, in­line skating tracks, mini golf, ice skating, and surfing are innovations RCI brought to the market. While not all of RCI's fleet boast of ice skating and surfing, they all feature the core items and such.

RCI ships tend to appeal to a wider cross section of people than do other lines. Younger than Holland America, more mature in behavior if not age than Carnival. The food is said not to be the very best of the industry, but remains excellent, and surely better than what most of us eat daily.

RCI has excellent crew service, and on­board services are top flight. Given the diversity of cruise experiences, it's wrong to describe any one experience as the best. However, it is more than fair to say that

travel on RCI is an experience you won't regret. The best way to learn that, is to view pictures and read stories of people who have traveled with the line. And it is in this way that I hope RCI Fan will help you.

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