The Celebrity EDGE

Celebrity Cruises announced the EDGE, the new class of ships taking to the sea in 2018. Expanding on the lines distinctive ship design, Celebrity is making news especially for the addition of the Magic Carpet, a bar space which rises well above the pool deck, but also lowers all the way to the water line where it can function as a tender dock.

This reveal video takes you on a journey through the ship now under construction. 


A Talk with Sammi Conneen-Baker, Cruise Director.

In 1983 I had the chance to tour the Sitmar Line ship Fairsea.  That fateful tour of the former Cunard ship during her turn-around day at the Port of Los Angeles started a love for ships and cruising that lead directly to Cruise Aficionados.  Little did I know that at the time a young woman was making her start as a Cruise Director aboard the very same ship.  Nearly 34 years later I reached out to her to ask her for an interview for the CA Cruise Journal.  Now a well known Cruise Director aboard the ships of Princess Cruises concluding her final year on the fleet.  I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Sammi Conneen-Baker!


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The Love of Cruising Carnival

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Hello my fellow cruisers, I hope that everyone's holidays were prosperous and exciting. I also hope that each celebration of valentines was exactly as you wanted it to be! Speaking of valentines did you know the best way to truly show someone how much you love them is a cruise. Wheither it be a holiday or just because, a cruise is the best way to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement or any other special events in your life.

As we approach a ramp up in the travel season let me help you prepare. First make sure you have a passport let's start there. This is what unlocks all the treasures. Next, decide when and where you would like to go. Check with family, friends, co-workers and make it a grand experience. Check out what each ship has to offer. Carnival has a fleet of ships that will quench all that you thirst for. If you love adventure, freedom and a party atmosphere Carnival is the place for you. Carnival Cruises have something to offer everyone.

In December, I traveled with family and friends for the most astonishing and amazing time. Fun, tranquility and food! Imagine 24hrs of food, laughter and excitement. I don't think I stopped eating or smiling the entire time! Either way the experience is what memories are made of! In the upcoming blog I will attempt to help you travel with ease, the in's and out's of cruising and how to get the most for your money and time. The do's and dont's and a few shortcuts to capture what dreams are truly made of. So stay tuned in and let's get ready to make some memories!

Cruise Wisdom - With Cruisefucious.

The young man spoke more truth than he knew as he advised his sister that "If it doesn't move, it's a Hotel," as they watched Oasis of the Seas enter Port Everglades.

The Captain's Table - Chef Justen Riley

One of the founding ideas behind Cruise Aficionados is that cruising is something best enjoyed when you know something about the things you experience ahead of time. Likewise, when you come home, you are able to dive into learning about the things you ate, drank, experienced and made part of your cruise. When dining aboard ship I am always impressed with the presentation of meals but still find myself wondering how to judge it in comparison to who it might be done elsewhere. How do I, how would you know what to expect from a meal?

I invited Chef Justen Riley to share some insights on a random selection from Royal Caribbean’s past menus from cruises I’ve taken.

Chef Riley brings you Beef Wellington:

“Traditional beef wellington is wrapped in a flaky pastry , on the inside of the pastry there will be a filet that is wrapped in bacon and around that will be a mushroom mixture of either button or crimini most times. In modern cooking it is normal to find beef wellington in a loaf style that is normally made up of a shell of puff pastry with a mixture of either beef tips or extra bits of tender beef sections that have been combined with sliced or diced mushrooms and bacon, this style is normally found in a more relaxed environment such as a self serve buffet or served buffet with the attending chef slicing into it as a wow factor of sorts.

At a plated meal normally it will be a single serving done in a traditional fashion and served with either a thickened jus or a beef gravy made from stock, the gravy should complement the pastry and meat inside instead of overwhelming it to the point of tasting nothing but the gravy. If it overwhelms the main part of the dish then likely the meat inside is scraps from other cuts that were not as desirable but needed to be put to use rather than wasted.”

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