Several months after parting ways with J. Walter Thompson, Royal Caribbean selected Mullen Lowe to assume the mantle of lead agency.  This leaves the media component of the cruise lines marketing yet to be decided but Mullen Lowe has its in-house group in the mix.  Mullen Lowe is a freshly minted combination of two agencies which exist under the larger Interpublic Group of companies.  

Mullen Lowe will guide a marketing strategy which has not created as infectious or effective a theme of the 90s and early 2000s.  The traditional tagline of “Like No Vacation on Earth” remains, but little tried in the last ten years has matched the popularity and cachet of Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” and “Just Get Out There” tagline.  Bringing back the Iggy Pop tune likely isn’t in the works given royalties and the iffy nature of the songs lyrics and subject.  Most agencies coming onboard with a company will have an idea they have presented to the client so what the new marketing theme is may be known soon.

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