Epic Crash

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The Norwegian Epic suffered a partial loss of power resulting in two stops in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands.  That's bad.  Worse was the attempt to dock in San Jaun as the ship made its way back to Florida.  The wind overcame two tugs and bow thrusters resulting in two mooring points being knocked over as their edges scrapped dents in the Epic's hull.  As seen in a growing number of Youtube videos recorded by passengers onboard the Norwegian Epic, Celebrity Edge and pier side the incident surely will be the highlighted sea story passengers on both ships tell for a very long time!  There were no injuries and the Epic completed the full seven day cruise save for the missed ports of call.  Predictably passengers were posting on social media demanding full refunds for their "ruined" vacations.  Norwegian offered 50% refunds for the trouble, which on any other such occasion would be generous at the least.  One of the very first things any travel agent tells you or that the fine print of every cruise contract states, ports of call are NOT guaranteed.  No ships services were compromised and the cruise was not cut short.  I don't know of any examples of full refunds being made in an instance such as this.

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