Most of Florida is at risk of wind and rain damage and many roads north are clogged still.  The hurricane is in a state of decline but could become stronger as it crosses open water approachign the Florida Keys.  There is a great deal of uncertainty in regards to where the path of Irma may go.  There isn't any news specific to cruise cancelations to relate.  Those that will be, have.  The ETA of ports reopening is harder to guess and when the first cruises will again start to flow out of Florida isn't something that can be predicted at the moment.  Damage to the islands and ports along the leeward islands is hard to come by.  Media sources and political types are using the most inflated terms possible, either to position for funding and support or to ganer ratings and clicks online.  Without question there were lives lost, lives ruined and damage across the scale that comes with such storms.  However how dire the collective impact is something yet to be determined.  Most ports throughout the Caribbean likely will be open and operational within 90 days.  Business' and excursions within many ports will be a case-by-case issue depending on the damages suffered.

 The Red Cross hurricane relief page for those that wish to help.  

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