The Florida Turnpike is one of the nicer such roads I've driven.  The route serves the main artery of tourist travel from Miami to just north of Orlando.  Although I-95 runs parallel to it and costs nothing, I choose to use it because of the steady flow of rest-stops complete with gas and food.  The Turnpike likes to use the motto "The Less Stress Way," and there is some truth to that.  The only aggravation I've ever experienced is the sometimes confusing layout of the parking lots.  Unlike some toll roads, the service plazas are in the middle of the north and southbound lanes, so everything is designed around an essentially circular traffic pattern.  In plazas where construction is underway, especially at night, you can easily miss where to turn for the gas station or parking.  

One feature common to most toll roads is an automated toll collection system.  Called Sun Pass, there is a device which you can place on your windshield which is scanned by select toll booth lanes.  This allows you to move through without stopping.  The video included here shows both entering and passing through one such Sun Pass lane.
Traveling with kids as I will be this October (2016) having service plazas are a plus when shuttling kids in and out of bathrooms and eating a meal or two.  Plus the absolute certainty of where I can count on fuel lets me plan my drive so I can blaze out of state of Florida quickly.  Not that I honestly want to leave having just been on a cruise.

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