In order to serve our community from shore to ship and back, Cruise Aficionados (CA) is assembling experienced and new agents to become part of our Cruise Corps team!

CA seeks to extend and enhance the cruise experience through digital offerings, services and real world gatherings which help make cruising part of every day.  We do this through online communities for learning about and sharing the experience of cruising.  We host real-world “Cruise Coffees” and “Cruise Nights” recreating and stoking the urge to cruise.  We walk our members through how to make cruising a daily lifestyle.

Cruise Corps (CC) is the professional services organization of Cruise Aficionados.  CC is comprised of entrepreneurial business people, bloggers, travel leaders and providers of goods and services complimentary of the cruise experience.  It serves the mission of Cruise Aficionados to extend and enhance the cruise experience and make it part of every day.

CC travel leaders are experienced in helping run their own group cruises on-ship as well as serving as leaders for groups seeking coordinators.  CCs bloggers help provide grassroots content about cruises, ports and all manner of cruise related topics.  Our CC Pros are a professional services group to help provide the kinds of experiences at real world gatherings on for featured online content.  Our CC Travel Service team completes the circle of travel by helping our community find its way back to sea.

Learn more and become part of our team today!


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