Cruise Videos - The Elephant Walk out of Port Everglades

There was no existing phrase I found which describes spectacle of a flotilla of cruise ships leaving port.  I choose to borrow the term "Elephant Walk" which the U.S. Air Force uses to describe taxing entire airwings of planes all at once down a runway.  The purpose being to demonstrate readiness and such.  The sight, like that of Elephants walking in a row in circus' the term comes from, reminds me a lot of cruise ships leaving port.  This video came from Independence of the Seas and we see the mighty Oasis of the Seas departing Port Everglades shortly before it made it's own walk up the channel.  It makes for great lunch-time viewing.


Independence of the Seas is a large ship at over 154,000 Gross Tonnage (GT), which is a measure of how much water could be held inside the ship...not that anybody wants to test the measurement.  Oasis of the Seas which we see leaving first is over 230,000 GT.  We see Liberty of the Seas and a Grand class cruise ship already in the distance afterward.  

By the time Independence of the Seas cast-off it was nearly dark.  The passengers were amused by the residents of the condos along the edge of the channel leading out of the Port.  It is a ritual of sorts to give the ships a send-off and this video captures the festive spirit nicely.  Leaving Port Everglades takes minutes but most ship are in clear sight of land for several hours afterward.  My personal tradition is to go up to the Windjammer and eat dinner with the lights in the distance.  There is nothing like departing a port in any other kind of vacation.  

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