These days there is precious little to like about flying anyplace.  Airlines are an often unwelcome creature that sits on the front and back ends of a cruise.  For my part it has been nearly ten years since I actually flew to a port of departure.  Driving into a port however can be a daunting task unto itself however.  Most cruise ports are wrapped around the edges of working cargo ports.  Finding the way through the maze of fenced in zones and to the right parking garage can be difficult.  To give you an idea of what is like to drive into such a situation I share this dashcam video of entering Port Everglades.


This video was filmed in January 2016.  It begins at the Extended Stay America, a hotel literally next to the port itself.  Port Everglades is well served by a number of hotels and shopping immediately next to it.  In this case it was a simple matter to take a couple of right turns and drive directly into the port.  You will need to have proof of identity to enter the port.  There is a cell-phone pick-up lot not far past the main gates if you happen to be picking people up.  Terminal 18 which hosts the Oasis class ships is both new and not hidden in a maze of cargo container lots.  

Nearing the parking lot you'll notice a few key points to remember.  First, there are police everyplace.  They are mainly there to control traffic which would surely spiral out of control without the omnipresent cruisers and flashing lights.  When arriving at the port early, bare in mind that most of the police will assume you are picking people up.  This is important because they will tend to direct you to pick-up lanes, not someplace to drop your luggage off at before going to the long-term parking.  If you happen to be cruising out of Terminal 18 specifically my advice is to simply park first.  The distance to the terminal entrance is not great at all and it isn't worth the hassle of jumping out of the car and dealing with the chaos.  At other terminals the drop-off point for luggage can be in several places depending on how early you arrive, be very clear to state that to the police directing traffic.  Finally, be patient.  There are a lot of people getting off the ship, not always well atuned to traffic, taxi drivers....well, being taxi drivers, and vans seeking to drive as fast and aggressively as they can to get people in and out of the port.

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