"Cruise Willing and the Creek Don't Rise...." 

Alternative cruising is becoming increasingly mainstream in how common it is to read about it.  Expedition cruising to exotic locations such as the Arctic.  River cruising in Europe.  Great Lakes cruising in north America.  Plus many people are familiar with river cruising in the United States either from vague memories of Mark Twain or the once common news reports about grand paddle wheel boats plying the Mississippi river.  
What you might have missed about cruising is that the tradition of river cruising in the United States is growing.  Two lines already operate in American rivers.  American Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat will be joined by the new French America Line out of Louisiana and in the coming years by Viking River Cruises out of Switzerland.
We'll explore the history of inland and river cruising in north America this fall on Cruise Aficionados.

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