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We kick-off this week's FYTMAC with something we had to hear to believe, even if somehow it is utterly unsurprising.  During a webinar by a Carnival representative on an entirely unrelated topic, it came to light that yes, people are playing PokemonGo at sea.
Artists impression of Pokemon at sea.
Your FYTMAC scribe is headquartered in the cruise capital of Wood County, Ohio: Bowling Green.  As home to Bowling Green State University, the last few weeks of the PokemonGo craze have seen every square inch of quiet college town crawled over by students and townies seeking Pokemon as though they are lost winning Powerball tickets.  
But you may ask, are people actually finding Pokemon on cruise ships underway, in the middle of the ocean?  Yes, so it seems.  The glories of ocean borne wifi and smartphones are making it possible to snag that Weedle as you move at 22 knots, a hundred nautical miles from land, while sipping on a strawberry daiquiri.  
I went on a cruise and all I caught was a lousy Weedle.  - FiveThingsYouMissedAboutCruising.com
"I went on a cruise and all I caught was a lousy Weedle."
 It can only be a matter of time before somebody falls overboard trying to snag a Veperon, or gets left behind at a port because they lost track of time walking in a beach.

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