Five Things You Missed About Cruising #3

Massive Sand Castle
MSC Cruises signed a 100 year lease for the former site of sand extraction for use in beach reconstruction and such.  Rather than counter beach erosion or to make a million cats exceedingly happy, MSC is investing over two hundred million to convert the location into a state of the art private port for its ships.  
Formally called the "Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the facility is located sixty-five miles east of Miami and will boast a two thousand seat amphitheater, zip-line as well as the usual array of beach space and entertainment options.  MSC Yacht Club members will have access to an exclusive spa and private bungalows.  
MSC has also stated it will open a crew training school in Nassau to aid in building a local base of shipboard staff.  When ships do call on the new island the line has indicated it will continue to operate all normal ships services including the casino.  That is somewhat unusual given that normally in a port the stores and casino close.
"Ocean Cay" is planned to open in December 2017.

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