Five Things You Missed About Cruising #4:

Harmony of the Seas arrives!

The third unit in the landmark, ground breaking, Oasis class (all terms related to land being used to discuss ocean going ships) is now officially part of the Royal Caribbean International fleet.  The ship exceeds the original two ships by just over 2,000 GRT and features many refinements to the 2010 design.  

"I'd like to teach the world to cruise, in perfect Harmony."


Most noted are the large water slides both forward and especially aft.  The longest slides actually take you down 10 decks.  Less well known are changes to the Aqua Theater.  The high diving pool in the rear of the Oasis class introduced a new breed of show aboard ship.  To calm the water while at sea, so that waves would not develop in the water, a moving wall was built into the center of the pool.  However it seems that the wall does not function as intended, and worse, it tightly constricts the amount of space the divers have to target in the water.  The revised design will greatly improve safety of diving by essentially removing it.

Another major difference is an additional 5.5 meters in overall width and just over 2 meters in length.  How this size is used will be interesting to compare to Oasis of the Seas.  Cruise Aficionados will be sailing on Harmony in a few months, not long after a return cruise aboard Oasis of the Seas in October.

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