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Lisa Andres from Riverside, USA - Carnival Pride anchored in Cabo San Lucas

We are polishing the FTYMAC format a bit, posting each item by the day.  Countdown style.  So let us begin the week with breaking news.  Or news of breaking.  In this case the gangway bridge at Baltimore cruise port Sunday morning.  The Carnival Pride, arriving from a Bahamas cruise impacted the gangway as it was docking.  The structure crashed to the ground, smashing three cars but did not result in any injuries.  



Nobody from the port, U.S. Coast Guard, or Carnival can explain exactly what happened.  I'm very sure video exists and that as likely as not somebody didn't retract the bridge on land and onboard somebody failed to notice the impending contact-or couldn't do anything by the time it was clear contact would be made.  We will keep an eye out for further details. 

We have video of the crash but cannot independently confirm it's authenticity.

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