*BREAKING* Carnival Allowed to Carry Cuban Exiles Carnival Cruise Lines has managed to pressure the Cuban government to allow former Cuban nationals to visit the island by way of it's "Fathom" cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines' first "Fathom" cruise will proceed as planned following the announcement that the Cuban government had withdrawn a rule preventing former Cuban nationals from visiting or working on ships traveling to the island.


The restriction was inexplicable given the fact former Cubans were able to travel to the communist country by air.  While Carnival intended to proceed to cruise to the island under the restriction, threats of legal action among groups decrying the restriction as discriminatory moved them to continue talks with Cuba.  Earlier this week Carnival indicated they believed the issue would be resolved and indeed that proved the case today as Cuba backed away from the rule.

Fathom cruises are a program within Carnival which focus' on "Social Impact" travel.  It satisfies a market for people seeking to add a bit of service to their vacation and is a natural fit for travel to Cuba.  The now withdrawn rule aside, U.S. rules still restrict travel to Cuba such that it must be in the context of educational, business, or humanitarian in nature.  While most people can thinly mask their travel to satisfy the requirement, unrestricted vacation travel is not yet possible.

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