TUI cruises, part of Royal Caribbean’s extended family of cruise lines, is installing exhaust scrubbers produced by the Valmet.  "We are proud to continue the supply of our technology to the TUIC fleet. Our scrubber system will ensure for the ships a modern, reliable exhaust gas cleaning system," said, Anssi Mäkelä of Valmet.  The scrubbers will be installed in the Mein Schiff 7 and 8 which are being builtl in the Meyer Turku yards in Finland. 


The scrubbers work by pushing a ships exhaust through water drawn from the ocean.  Particles from the exhaust are captured in the water which is then filtered and released.  The water itself must meet north American and international standards for release.  The highly expensive systems range average six million dollars per ship but are considered more affordable in the long-term than using low-sulfur fuel. 

Cruise lines are responding to EPA rules which went into effect in January, though most have established dates after that with the government agency due to the time required to install the systems.  The issue of ship exhaust is of especially keen interest to coast Alaska.  Many ports are not always able to sustain shore-side power for visiting ships and likewise must contend with exhaust as ships depart or pass by. 

(Image of Indy of the Seas with scrubber being installed.)

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