The Zika virus was known well before the current and spreading outbreaks pushed it into the headlines.  However with concerns growing the major cruise lines including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and their affiliated brands are offering pregnant women the ability to move their bookings to itineraries outside of at-risk areas or to later dates.

Areas in which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have issued warns about include the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.  If traveling to those areas women are strongly urged to take measures to avoid mosquito bites which are the primary way in which the Zika virus is transmitted.  Cases of Zika have been reported in both Los Angeles county in California and in Minnesota.  The virus causes microcephaly in babies, most commonly associated with the deformed heads and thus greatly reduced brain size in the suffering children.  

In addition to speaking to their cruise lines, those with air travel reservations ought to be aware that United and American are also extending options for changing travel plans.  


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