One of the draws to cruise travel is the romance of being in love and at sea.  An almost cliché image is that of a ships captain performing a wedding for passengers.  However with few exceptions, captains have been prohibited from doing so.  The reasons range from simply keeping the busy ship masters from being bogged down by passenger requests to the basic legality of doing so.  Most lines offer the ability to get married onboard a cruise ship before it departs, but these tend to require the bride, groom and guests to rush aboard and finish within an hour or two. 

Enter Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) who will offer legal weddings at sea, performed by the ships captain beginning in the fall of 2015.  For an added price which includes the services of a wedding planner and cake among other ceremonial trappings, couples can be wed.  The line is also offering ceremonies before the cruise beginning and at select ports of call.  One can also enjoy a strictly symbolic ceremony which has no legal standing.  The marriage licenses for weddings at sea will be from the Bahamas and are recognized as legal in the United States. 

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