The 65,000 person island of Tobago, half of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, sent a delegation to Washington D.C. this spring to seeking information as they begin work toward a dedicated cruise facility.  Tobago is located deep in the southern Caribbean and is actually outside of the traditional hurricane belt.  Far smaller than Trinidad, Tobago looks to tap into the cruise trade more deeply but faces constraints due to aging and limited facilities. 

The 1.2 million combined residents enjoy one of the most modern nations in the Caribbean.  Independent since 1962 when the British ceded control to their acquisition from the Spanish in 1802, Trinidad and Tobago are stunning islands whose wealth is often surprising to visitors.  Beyond tourism the islands are profiting greatly from oil and agricultural exports such as sugar.  The republic residents rate as the third wealthiest individually behind the U.S. and Canada with a GDP over $21,000 per capita. 

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