The Germans and Italians will be whipping up far more than kraut and pasta as Carnival’s nine ship order starts into motion at the Meyer Werft and Fincantieri yards.  The lot of ships, including a rare, little detailed new design for Carnival are due to start coming online between 2019 and 2022.  The new tonnage will replace at least seven older ships leaving service during the next three years.  The newer ships will be larger than those they likely replace, leading to higher efficiency in operating costs and will likewise boast the latest features not possible on their predecessors.  The dip in overall capacity should also aid in stiffening prices in the traditional Caribbean market while the new ships will command a higher per diem when they come online.  What comes of the retire cruise ships is unknown.  While it is likely some will find service in other lines the age and size of the most likely candidates would suggest the scrap yard for at least a few. 

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