Airbus to end A380 production with final delivery to Emirates in 2021.

Korean Airways A380A Korean Airways A380 over Grand Rapids, Ohio in 2013. (Nathan Boyle, Air Aficionados.)

Nearly three years without new orders, cancellations of most of the remaining backlog, a non-existent secondary  market and zero airline interest finally caught-up with the Airbus A380.  With this quarters financial performance numbers also came formal word that the Airbus A380 would cease production with the final delivery to Emirates Airlines.  Due for delivery in 2021 the bold super-jumbo jet remains a marvel of aviation and beloved by flyers.  However smaller twin-engine planes with equal or greater range and efficiencies, and not requiring heavy modifications to airports, have become the first choice of airlines.  

Emirates A380

Emirates operates over 153 A380s and has single-handedly kept the type in production for years.

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