Cruise Aficionados (CA) is seeking aspiring and established bloggers to share their love of cruising as part of “Cruise Corps.”

In seeking to make cruising part of everyday, Cruise Aficionados provides content online and real life gatherings.  Online we share news, reviews, and expertise on shopping, ports excursions and the services cruisers enjoy.  Breaking the Fourth Wall we gather locally to enjoy Cruise Coffees and Cruise Nights, experiencing goods and services which mirror those we enjoy onboard a ship.

To continue our grow and support our efforts we are seeking additional contributors to  In particular we are partnering with additional bloggers such as our Royal Caribbean Fan and Carnival Aficionado to share their enthusiasm for other cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC, Holland American, Celebrity and more.

By partnering with Cruise Aficionados you can learn and gain value for your efforts by joining with a long established site with leadership deeply experienced in digital production and emerging media.  Together Cruise Aficionados is poised to grow into a top emerging digital brand.  You can become part of that!

Submit the form below to get started and explore other roles with us!

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