In the mid 1980s I had the pleasure of touring the classic Sitmar ship Fairsea with my family in Los Angeles and my life-long love of cruise ships and travel was born.  From coast to coast, cruises to Vegas, alone and with family, travel is a dear part of my life. I have shared that love through my writing for over 20 years now through and my blogs.  However I wanted to do more.

After fifteen years designing and running global multi-million dollar IT projects for Fortune 500 companies I created Travelers Dominion in 2018 to do for you what I built a career doing. 

What do I do for you?  I work for you.  My business is knowing what your personal, family, business needs are, to find the best travel resources (agents, companies, and more,) and bring them together.  I become the eyes watching over your travel so you are prepared, protected, and that the companies and professionals deliver your dreams.  

Is that a travel agents job?  Yes and no.  A travel agent works on comissions.  I do not.  A travel agent offers what they have, I choose what you want.  I am your impartial resource.  My work is for you and no other.  I manage the travel agents.  I manage the plans.  I prepare you for your trip.  I watch and ensure it works out as your dream.

Big trips or small, personal, groups or for business, reach out to me and find out how you can let me work for you!

Nathan W.L. Boyle